Eyelashes are one of the most important and visually striking details to any woman’s face. The slightest changes to your eyelashes can give you a look that is both irresistible and alluring.

However, no matter how much you bat your lashes, one thing we can’t overcome is aging. A little-known fact is that thinning eyelashes are a big part of aging and there are very few ways to deal with the loss of eyelash fullness and length, until Latisse.

What is Latisse?
Latisse is the first FD-approved treatment for eyelash growth and enhancement. Whether you were simply born with short, poorly-defined lashes, or you’ve lost volume in your lashes due to aging – Latisse can help!
Latisse helps to grow your eyelashes longer, fuller and darker using a specially designed growth formulation.

How Does Latisse Work?
Using a specially designed, prescription lash-growth forumulation, Latisse is applied once-nightly, topically to the base of your upper eyelashes. Latisse uses a special active ingredient, known as bimatoprost – a compound that alters the lash growth cycle, known as the Anagen phase, in two specific ways:

1. First, the compound is able to extend the length of the anagen phase, causing the lashes to grow for a longer time.
2. Secondly, it is able to increase the number of lashes, as well as the amount of growth they experience, during this phase.

How Long Do Results Take?
Once you start, continue applying the topical solution each night and follow the simple directions. Your eyelashes will return to their previous length and fullness within only a few weeks, then you will begin to see enhanced results after.
Great lashes aren’t grown overnight. Latisse works gradually – patients should expect full results approximately 16 weeks after application.

Latisse’s 16-week growth cycle, has certain specific check point phases, including:

  • Initial Use – You first begin applying Latisse topically.
  • Week 4 – You will begin to see some initial changes in length.
  • Week 8 – The lashes will have grown in length, but now you will begin to see changes in the fullness. They will growth thicker and darker.
  • Week 12 – The results will be noticeable, and enhancement is obvious.
  • Week 16 – Patients will experience, full, dramatic results. amazing aesthetically-pleasing lashes.

To obtain the best results, we recommend:

  • Creating a routine – applying Latisse on a nightly basis with other nightly “rituals”.
  • Be Patient – Results take time, never use Latisse more than once per day.
  • Be Clean – It is important to remove any makeup, dirt, or debris from the area on or around your eyelashes before application.
  • Bacteria – Avoid contamination of the Latisse bottle and applicator. Make sure to keep is closed, covered, and clean at all times. This can hurt your lashes severely.
  • Monitor Results – Take pictures of your lashes in order to monitor your progress and maintain your results with how they are working.

For more information on eyelash growth issues and Latisse schedule your consultation with LG Aesthetica today.


Week 0


Week 16