The effects of aging, along with harsh environmental factors, greatly impact your skin’s health and surface appearance. A quality skincare regimen not only enhances and protects your skin’s appearance, it also prevents future damage. Medical grade skincare products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than what you can buy over the counter. These products use prescription-strength ingredients to promote your overall skin health while helping you look and feel your best.

These products contain powerful ingredients that are clinically researched to be safe and effective. Medical grade skincare not only protects your skin from harmful elements, it also encourages cellular regeneration and promotes healthy skin cells from the inside out. By targeting different areas of skin health, like supporting essential skin proteins and exfoliating dead, dull surface cells, medical grade skincare products promote a vibrant, radiant complexion. LGAesthetica carries Revisions, Elta MD, Neocutis, and Skinbetter sciences.