Countless times we get referrals from a dermatologist or other clinician to remove a lesion because the resulting scar location would be in a location that is -of concern’. Our natural question would be, when is the scar not of concern? Cancerous or benign, the precise and exact technique of a Plastic Surgeon is a good thing when it comes to removing lesions or scars.

If lesions are removed in a thorough and accurate way, there is less likelihood of a recurrence or missed tumor. If a scar is excised in a subtle and delicate manner, there is less stimulation for the body to respond with scarring and inflammation. The credo of all doctors is “do no harm- but the credo of the plastic surgeon is -cause no scar”. While no one is perfect, I think our scars (or lack thereof) rival the best of them.

Scar revision involves the removal of a scar by excision and immediately reconstructing it with plastic surgery techniques. With our abilities, we can confidently predict when our resulting scar will be significantly better than scars acquired from trauma, acne or other surgeries. Rarely do we encounter patients more appreciative than those upon whom we have made a problematic scar inconspicuous.